Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sisters! Sisters!

When I adopted my kittens in 2005 I thought..oh how great, they are sisters and will grow up together.

Well!! I forgot that sisters fight (I know my sister and I did).
Anyways, they will take turns playing Princess of the Hill (lying by my feet on my bed). Since I got the bed risers I feel like the princess with the pea in her bed.

When Pepsi is on the bed she glares at Shasta and Shasta will hiss back. It used to be that just Pepsi would be up there but Shasta has been claiming her spot. If you knew how big Shasta was you would understand the challenge of her getting on the bed. I think the extra jumping is good for them. As for myself, I use the stool that my daughter used at the sink as a todler, to get in the bed. I used to climb in till I started to pull a muscle in my groin. ouch!! Now you are probably thinking..why would I do that to my bed. Storage Storage Storage need I say more?

Monday, July 6, 2009

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Recently I found out that Shasta and Pepsi are part Maine Coon Cat. I always suspected that Shasta was because of her size. Pepsi has the personality and M mark on her forehead. When I read up on Maine Coons the article said that they were the dog cats of the felines. My cats bring me presents of socks, bows, and other soft things. I'm glad they don't bring me rodents or birds.

Speaking of Rodents... the cats have a special relationship with our hamster, Charles. Now you thinking..yeah right..they want to eat him. They know that Charles is part of the family. Shasta, especially, loves Charles. She let Charles climb on her back or nestle in her fur. One time Charles got out of his cage (didn't you know that hamsters are Houdini?) I looked all over the house for him and calling his name. Well I found them in my daughter's bedroom doorway. There was Shasta with her front paws out the door way and lying one foot from here was Charles lying the same direction. OMG!! I laughed so hard when I saw them. Of course I had to catch the hamster before he ran away. If I could have photographed them, it would be an award winning photo. Another time I found Charles at the end of Shasta's tail when they were lying by the back door. It's hysterical!! Pepsi likes Charles too but she is a bit more distant, but they both jump up and put their noses to the cage and Charles goes meets them nose to nose. Who knew that Hamsters & cats could be friends. By the way, our other cat was friends with our hamster that we had then too.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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My Cats

I have two cats name Shasta and Pepsi. I adopted them from Pet Adoption Fund (see Pet Finder's Link)in Canoga Park, CA. Did you know that cat's hair color has the genes that create their gender? The three colors are black,white & orange. Torties and Calicos are all females and Orange stripped cats are all male. Shasta is the 3rd Torie that I've had the privedge of living with (cats own people, not the other way around).